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Horse, of course!

Whatever your skill level, just bring your love of riding and the outdoors, and our qualified and friendly staff will ensure that you are safely equipped to enjoy your ride! With over 25 horses of various breeds, with knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides and with a wealth of experience, Horse riding club in Rethymnon is able to provide great horse riding and treks for all levels of riding. Professional wranglers have been leading trail rides during the summer at the ranch for over 18 years. All our activities are under the supervision of qualified guides.

  • All experience levels are welcome.
  • Please wear long pants and sturdy boots or shoes. Riding helmets are provided. All riders must be at least 7 years old, younger children can ride our ponies.
  • Weight restrictions also apply for any further details do not hesitate to ask.


Riding By The Sea

Breathtaking view experiences on horseback at the beach


Riding By The River

Riding alongside the river, this adventure offers river crossings and spectacular scenery


Riding By The Sunset

Enjoy the incredible sunset from the most amazing spot, the beach!


Riding In The Ranch

Grab your boots and helmet from our ranch for a great horseback ride!


Pony Ride for kids

Experience the beach of Crete by riding a pony in the sand in a safe and friendly environment


Athletic Ride

Jumping, Dressage, Trotting, and Galopin the arena, with our experienced coaches


Pony Ride

Come and meet yourself the beautiful unknown world of horses

For Bookings please consider booking 1 day earlier through our booking form or Contact E-mail. Thank You!

The possibility of renting, ponies, horses, and donkeys for any special occasion.

Type Of Outfit:

Shoes need to be of a sturdy construction with a smooth sole to prevent your foot slipping through the stirrup (not trainers, not open toe), and comfortable full-length trousers (leggings or tight fitting jogging bottoms are best, not jeans.)