Horse Riding Club | Who We Are

Horse, of course!

The Horse Riding Club


Horse riding as a sport has been known since antiquity as Xenophon wrote his first work of art about ” Cavalry ”.

The goal of our group is to cultivate the sport and the Philippine spirit. Although initially horseback riding was limited and unknown to the general public, over the years it has become a very popular sport for both young and old.

The horse club of Rethymnon operates for the 10th consecutive year with experienced coaches and trained horses offering safe learning of the game to beginners and non-beginners.

The creation of a sports team became imperative and the participation of the athletes of our group in pavilion races honored us with many distinctions.

Our Spaces

Riding School

Athletic Riding

The overarching goal of every sport is the perfect training of each athlete to cope with the demands of a race. In riding, at the same time, the rider and the horse act concurrently as one. Our goal is the excellent learning and development of the horseman in co-operation with the horse, as well as the development of mutual bond and love for the horse.

Therapeutic Horse Riding

The purpose of therapeutic horse riding is primarily the restoration of the individual and, at the same time, recreation, socialization and the improvement of his abilities.